Thursday, March 26, 2015

Concert Calamity Diverted!

     Yesterday, seated at a concert my daughter was performing in, I worried that disaster was going to strike…again.  I have not had the best of luck with my seating choices at these school events.

       I have sat in a crowded concert hall, in front of a poor dear child who, without warning, threw up all over the floor behind me! My hair was down that day, and if you knew me, you would understand how worried I was that some "chunks" had landed in my hair.

     I have sat in front of a “bag rustler” lady who, after I politely asked her to stop, started rustling it more and angrily began mocking me. To the point where I had to move to avoid conflict. I have sat behind a child who did not turn his tablet off, creating an annoying glare the entire concert.

     So perhaps my trepidation yesterday can be understood, in light of my experiences.  The concert was well underway, with a full audience, and I was relaxed when I noticed the young boy in front of me holding a purple PowerAde drink. He’d finished about a third so far. I didn’t really think anything of it until the Vivaldi came on.

     I love the classical beauty of Vivaldi’s music in general. And The Four Seasons, by Vivaldi is one of my all time favorite pieces. My daughter’s orchestra was playing the “Winter” movement. As a first violinist, she was seated on the outside, so I had the added pleasure of being able to view her as the orchestra played.

     Everytime I listen to these young players making beautiful music, tears are a given for me.  Last night was not different. Our music program has suffered, as have many in other districts, but the kids persevere, and our valiant conductors do their best to deliver quality education.

    In the midst of my tears, however, I sat up and took notice.  The whole “Winter” movement is highly rhythmic, and the strings were in the middle of playing 16th notes. I was enjoying the music, and the precision of all the bows moving in unison, when I noticed the young boys hands doing the same thing. He was jiggling his hand back and forth to the time to the 16th notes! The one holding the PowerAde!  I held my breath thinking this could be another disaster, and hoped the top was secured tightly. I didn’t relish being sprayed with sugar water!

     The repetitive 16th notes occur several times throughout this movement, and I continued to hold my breath each time until they were done playing. Phew! The purple drink had stayed in the container, and disaster was diverted.

      Perhaps, just perhaps, my run of bad luck at concerts is at an end. In the grand scheme of things, this honestly would have been rather comical – getting sprayed with Purple PowerAde. And in my book, that’s better than disgusting or malicious!


  1. It is also wonderful that he was trying to mimic the playing! Perhaps a future conductor was sitting in front of you.

  2. My hubby has the best luck! I let him choose where we sit!

  3. Music is such a key component in our schools and needs to be valued. I am so glad you wrote this post celebrating music and thank you for the added humor. I am glad you had better luck this time.

  4. Glad your evening was uneventful! Maybe it can be a new trend for you. I miss the band and orchestra concerts that I used to attend when my children were in school.