Monday, March 9, 2015

The Sun's Out! The Sun's Out!

Sun, sunsun!  I am ecstatic! The sun is out today. Amazingly, it's been out ALL day. I'd nearly forgotten what sunlight looked like - it hasn't been too friendly to Syracuse lately. But today the sun decided to grace us with its beauty. What a mood lifter. 

     Today I noticed everyone's smiles were just a little bit brighter. A little bit wider. Our steps had a bounce. They were lighter. No meltdowns today. 

     The mighty power of the sun is causing the snow and ice to melt though! As a result, our roof is leaking even though it's fairly new and we have a 6 ft. flash guard. Somehow the water is backing up past that distance. What I didn't know is that water can leak at least 20 ft. from its source. The leak found its way to the kitchen, dripping from an overhead light. Drip. Drip. Drip. When we felt the ceiling, it seemed like water might be collecting there so we had the bright idea of drilling a hole. And another. And a third! I had visions of water spilling out like a waterfall, but that was not the case. Drip, dripdrip, drip, dripdrip, drip. Slow and steady. Ugh! All that would hint at a grumpy disposition.

     But this problem is not unwelcome. Perhaps the sun has even done us a favor. We have been contemplating re-doing our kitchen, and this might be just the catalyst we need. 

     In school, since I left my sunglasses in my van  I was blinded by the brilliance of the snow when we took our students outside for recess. I am sure my students were happy; I was useless as any kind of monitor. Snowball fight anyone? Every time I looked at the snow I saw spots. But hey, I am not complaining.  Today sun made me look on the bright side of my problems. 

The sun was out, the sun was out, the sun was out TODAY!


  1. Way to look on the ....Bright Side....:-). The sun today was amazing and there was actual warmth from it too by the time school was over. Spring may be here. (knock on wood).

  2. My daughter was telling me about your warmth today. When she got in her car after work, the temperature inside was 50 something. It promptly dropped to 40 something on her commute home (must have been sitting in the sun). Yesterday she sent me a picture of her & hubby standing on frozen Lake Cayuga. So glad for your SUNSHINE!

  3. Isn't it amazing what the sun can do after a long, cold, gray winter? I agree it makes everyone's smiles a little brighter and wider and steps were brighter.