Friday, March 6, 2015

A Day of Emotion

     It's day 6 of this challenge, and already I am noticing a change in myself as a writer. Well, maybe not as a writer yet, but as an observer for sure.  Despite the fact that I have taught my students about small moments, encouraged them to be observant, and taught lessons on the subject, there is nothing like living it for yourself. Practice what you preach. I am grateful to be a part of this; driven to slice every day. Who ever knew slice would be a verb meaning "to write"? Is Webster's in on this yet?
     So today I decided I would take stock of my emotions every hour. How was I feeling and why was I feeling that way? Am I stressed a lot, or do I just feel that way sometimes because those emotions are the ones I remember more vividly. 

     Using my phone as an hourly reminder, I kept track.

5:30 AM: Anticipation. I woke up to my phone's gentle music, and was immediately awake, eagerly looking forward to reading comments yesterday's slice.

6:30 AM:  Impatient. I want my son to take his shower, so I can take mine. Need to wash my hair today!

7:30 AM:  Actively Contemplating. Thoughts about the coming school day were flying through my head. On top of that, I needed to remember to leave money for my son's haircut.

8:30 AM: Slightly stressed. Discussions about how best to meet the needs of our students taking place in our Friday morning PLC (Professional Learning Community). 

9:30 AM Nostalgic.  Kids just finished chorus. They are singing "We Will Rock You", by Queen. Wow! That song brings back memories. 

10:30 AM Content. Helping a student learn how to upload pictures for her SOL #6. Felt so good when I saw the big smile on her face.

11:30 AM Competitive.  Playing a game of Taps with my students while bussed are called. It's a half day.

12:30  PM Analytical.  Big group discussion with colleagues on how to help some students in particular. 

1:30 PM Empathy.  In a parent conference. So wanting to help this parent! 

2:30 PM  Camaraderie. Back in the large group setting with fellow teachers.Very humorous sharing of anecdotal stories from our youth. We definitely know what's wrong with society today. It only everyone would listen to us we could solve the world's problems!

3:30 PM  Anger!!  Lost, LOST the perfect report card comment because the system timed out and I hadn't saved it elsewhere. Why do I have to keep relearning that lesson? Will rewrite, won't be the same. 

4:30 PM  Restless.  Going stir crazy. One more report card to complete and I will be done with my second class. One more class to do and I am finished. Probably a good time to stop so I report fairly on the rest! 

5:30 PM Irritated. Can't believe I am yet at school. Took a break from my RC's, but kept finishing other things, so here I still am.

6:30 PM Happy.  My 15 yr. old daughter hugged me when I got home. Need I say more?

7:30 PM Grateful.  I am so glad I have a husband that can cook! Family sitting down for dinner to sauteed shrimp and tuna, with a salad. Yum:-)

8:30 PM Driven.  So here I am now finishing my slice for today. I learned something. 

There is happiness and goodness in my day. I just have to recognize and acknowledge it. 

Embrace the good.


  1. This challenge really makes us reflect on our lives and our instruction. Life is full of good and bad times but we have to cherish the good no matter how small.

  2. What a great idea to track your emotions through the day. I wonder what this would look like over the course of a week? You've inspired me to try this!

  3. Love this emotional walk through your day. Driven, I certainly understand that one, especially during March! Congrats on slicing after a very busy day and at the end of the week.