Monday, March 23, 2015

Grapefruit Goodness

     Do you like grapefruits? I do! They are the most wonderful fruit! When I eat a grapefruit, I feel like I can taste the warmth of the sunshine that created each and every succulent segment. When you hold a grapefruit in your hand, it even looks like it could have come from the sun. A teeny tiny speck of warmth traveling millions of miles to end up as a gift of warmth in our hands.

     No matter how you prepare it - cutting first around the rim, and then slicing each segment from the middle out to the circumference, or, cutting around each individual slice - a grapefruit tastes like a tiny bit of heaven. Some people like to put sugar on their fruit, but I prefer to fly solo. It befuddles me how anyone could want to put sweetness on something not meant to be sweet. The tangy, tart/sweet taste of each individual cell of juiciness explodes on your tongue like fireworks in July! Grapefruits also have an added bonus of providing Vitamin C. They are purported to help fend of colds, and provide nutrients for good health.

     One of the most enjoyable parts of eating a grapefruit comes when you finish with the segments. Not you are ready to squeeze out the juice. You'll want to grip it tightly and squeeze with all your strength to get every last luscious drop. Be sure to turn it so that the juice goes into the bowl. If you've ever gotten it in your eye, you'll know from the stinging that it is truly meant for you mouth! For reasons I don't understand, I only buy my O.J. without pulp. However, with grapefruits, I prefer the fresh juice with all the pulp.

     Last, you can always put your juice into a nice pretty glass. However, I don't stand on ceremony - I drink right from the bowl!




  1. I love a grapefruit too, but I don't like it cold. It needs to be room temperature to bring out its sweetness. I cut the peel away and slice out the segments. The juice sure does sting.

  2. When I was growing up, we put salt on grapefruit, now I just eat it plain like you. Great description, I especially liked "succulent segments."