Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I'm Tired...but the Ideas Keep Coming

     Well, tonight is a tired night. I didn't get home from school until after I had gone to the grocery store, and by that time it was 5 PM. I had to eat; my husband came home and we had to go to my daughter's orchestra concert. (That was great, so I guess the night's not a complete downer.) I had to finish posting the last of my students' posts, and then I had to analyze my practicum teacher's lesson plan. That took a great deal of thought because I want her to be successful. So, here I am tired, it's 9:30 and I don't feel much like putting the effort into writing. However, I made a commitment to myself and my students, and a challenge is a challenge. 

     This is not really meant to be an epic whine, so here's the bright side.

     I have to observe that amazingly, though I am wallowing in reluctance tonight, in my daily life I am picking up ideas for slices, or "small moments". It's becoming a HABIT. (How long does one have to repeat something before it becomes habit?) I was so worried that after my initial ideas, my writing juices would dry up. However, I actually have a several that I'd like to write more about in the days to come.

     One idea is about keys, rising from a comment my son made yesterday. This time, I was sure to write it down, because I knew I'd forget if I waited! So it's on scrap paper written in my chicken scratch, since I was making dinner at the time. I can feel the words swirling around in my subconscious, just waiting to be unleashed. Not that they will be the most eloquent, but they are there. 

     Another idea presented itself just this morning as I awoke. I was thinking about writing about being a morning person. Or not. 

     A third would be how great this is for my students. I think I need to write down the thoughts and phrases I overhear, and make a list of them. (Again, how long before it becomes habit? It's happening to them, too!) Getting comments from beyond their classroom has made all the difference. It reduces complaining and increases excitement. 

     A fourth is a funny poem I wrote. When I shared it with my father, he laughed, and then asked me not to publish it until we had a chance to play with the language together. I would not deny my dad the joy he gets from working with his children, so that will wait until the weekend when I can will visit with my parents.

     Who knew how many ideas would arise from an ordinary life? I guess if I take one day at a time and have faith, I will get to 31!  Still, it wouldn't do any harm to keep my fingers crossed!  


  1. Love how you're collecting slicing ideas. You're set for the next four slices at least. The first year I sliced, my mind was constantly swirling - I had to keep paper on the night table to capture my middle of the night ideas, but now I'm not so nervous about finding something to write about.

  2. I can really relate! I pulled out a piece of paper in the middle of a movie to write down a line I wanted to write about. Even though I always wonder what I am going to write, something comes out. You have really made those things around you viable writing fodder. Nice job!

  3. Awesome! Looking ahead to reading your next slices! Once the ideas start flowing, yes it seems like a habit.