Thursday, March 19, 2015

Remote Insanity

Remote, remote, where did you go?

Remote remote, nobody knows,

You hide your sleek and slender self,

Under a chair, or on top of a shelf,

You sometimes decide

Under cushions to hide,

Or even occasionally make the decision

To wander on over around to the kitchen

Placed on the counter you quietly wait

For someone to spy you and seal your fate

How you end up the bathroom

I will never understand

For there’s no T.V. and it’s not very grand.

You’ve been the subject of many a who-done-it

Where no one takes the blame.

“Honey, where did it go?

You were the last to watch a show.”

Tell me before we come to blows.”

“Your son was the last to have it in his hand

Blame me and your head’s in the sand.”

A ghost called “Nobody” takes the blame

Driving me almost completely insane.


Remote, remote, where did you go,

All I want to do is watch my show!


  1. So, so funny and accurate. The number of times we've gone cushion diving. LOVE the rhythm and whimsy you've found for this slice!

  2. Love it! So true and so perfectly captured!

  3. Clever poem & something all families struggle with from time to time, some more than others. Love the alliteration in the couplet that has sleek, slender self and then shelf in the next line.

  4. I instantly had a little tune going in my head and then when blame started, I felt the refrain before the last return to the "chorus " of sorts. Nicely done!