Friday, March 13, 2015

Winter is Jealous

"Winter is Jealous"

Winter is jealous of Spring
She does not want to let go,
She paints the world with her white ball gown
Bedecked with jewels and satin
Seeking to enwrap
The pastel colors of
Spring's raiment

The chilling grip of
Winter's long and slender gloves
that circle the world's ballroom

with her modest frock
fits easily into her bodice
bringing bloom 
in her flared and flowing skirt

The stays of Winter's gown
Tight and snug,
usher forth winter's 
last gasp.

As Winter one more becomes
 a wallflower,
Hope is born when Memory whispers,
"Cast aside your anguish,
 this is but a brief respite.
Your time 
will come again."


  1. It's been cold and rainy in Ohio today, but we got a refreshing taste of Spring yesterday...I am eagerly awaiting her return. Lovely poem!

  2. Love this poem of winter in her white ball gown and spring in her flared and flowing skirt. Especially loved this image: " The stays of Winter's gown,tight and snug,
    usher forth winter's last gasp." Hoping for spring's arrival for everyone soon!