Friday, March 20, 2015

New Perspective

Today was out Superintendent's Conference Day. Overall, for me it was a positive day. Our district has, I think, a good vision. We are "Preparing Our Students for Tomorrow...Today." Another takeaway: we need to tell our story, because no one else will. I believe this.

I am fortunate to work in a fabulous school with wonderful colleagues and staff. Everyday I go to work knowing that while we may not always agree, we all want the same thing: the education and nurturing of the whole child. We believe in them and we want to know their stories. What I realized today, is that maybe, just maybe, we have many fine teachers that don't completely believe in themselves. They don't think their story is worth telling. But it is!

It has not been easy writing a slice everyday. Home circumstances have been difficult at times, and time a crunch. I have had the same thoughts; there is NOTHING in my life worth writing about. But the writing has been cathartic. I can learn from my little old ordinary life. I can learn from others, and affirm myself and them though writing and comments.

My students? It's okay to be proud of them. They do great things! Take a picture? Yeah! Put it on Twitter? Even better. Many mistakenly call this bragging. I call it sharing the wonder. When I see something other students have done, I feel happiness. I learn. Why not? For so long we have been isolated in our classrooms. If I added up all the times I wanted to share something wonderful or funny from my classroom, I'd be a wealthy woman. (A worn out phrase, I know, but true.)

So, my colleagues, TELL your story. The story of your classroom and the story of your life. Believe in yourself. Whether you are struggling, or on top of the world, someone, somewhere, may receive the inspiration they need from your words.


  1. I love the word, "cathartic." Back when I was working on my secondary certification at the University of North TX in Denton, I was the vocalist for half of a heavy metal garage band named, Mongrel Catharsis.
    I believe in including edited student essays as model essays in my unpublished textbook, whether the connotations are liberal, conservative, too Texas, too minority or whatever. Sure glad I found a publisher interest in Prague, Czech Republic.

  2. Love this encouragement to tell our stories. I love learning "from my little ordinary life" and the lives of my slicing friends. I've laughed several times as I recalled your Remote Insanity post from yesterday. Keep writing!